Understanding Architectural Styles

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Architectural styles decoded (in chronological order). The field of architecture has seen a series of developments, improvements and innovations in house design, materials and building plans. You may have stood before an architectural masterpiece one time and wondered the origin or ideology behind it. It may be difficult to comprehend and appreciate the efforts of […]

How To Design The Perfect Family Home

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The first thing that comes to mind when we hear ?Home? is rest. Then you begin to think of comfort, quiet and happiness. That?s what we usually expect from anywhere we call our home. Unfortunately, many people?s expectation doesn?t always come to pass because they fail to create suitable and functional home designs for their […]

The Architectural Design Process for Home Building

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According to Aristotle, ?Anything worth doing is worth doing well.? So, building a home without an architect is tantamount to sub-standard results and disappointment. If you don?t hire a professional to help establish the house designs, how will you achieve your goal? Moreover, nothing beats an architectural design in homebuilding. That?s why you need an […]

Should You Invest In A Tiny House?

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In recent years, tiny houses have attracted so much attention to themselves. Though many believed it to be merely a quirky project when it first started, tiny house movement is fast developing into a serious housing style, primarily as it represents a socioeconomic trend for minimalistic living. However, as popular as they have become, the […]